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FIX Xades encoding problems

1What's New for OpenJPEG
3* : fixed
4- : removed
5! : changed
6+ : added
8July 23, 2011
9+ [vtorri] Fixed issue #74.
10+ [vtorri] Added libpng 1.5 detection. Dropped libpng 1.0.* explicit detection (we are in 2011 !). Patch by Winfried.
12July 13, 2011
13+ [vtorri] added ''
14* [vtorri] fixed substitution in
15! [vtorri] increase micro version to 99. When released, set minor to 5 and micro to 0
16* [vtorri] added -lm to the linker for libopenjpeg and to the .pc file
17- [vtorri] removed useless LCMS flags from for libopenjpeg
19_______ R812 : 'openjpeg-1.5' branch created ______________________________
22July 10, 2011
23! [antonin] improved encoding speed in t1_encode_cblks (credit to Giuseppe Baruffa)
25July 3, 2011
26* [antonin] fixed bmptoimage (see
27* [antonin] fixed handling of "jp2->meth" value (Restricted ICC profile handling currently not implemented)
29June 30, 2011
30! [antonin] fixed CTest configuration files
32June 3, 2011
33+ [malaterre] adding partno and numpart info as part of the warning message (issue #69)
34+ [malaterre] make sure that cmake build system works on debian
36May 23, 2011
37* [antonin] fixed a bug in autotools that prevented "make distcheck" to work properly (credit to Vincent Torri)
38+ [antonin] added autotools as a build method for jpip (credit to Vincent Torri)
39* [antonin] fixed autotools (broken since the new directory structure) (credit to Vincent Torri)
41May 18, 2011
42! [antonin] defined new type "opj_bool", and new constants OPJ_FALSE and OPJ_TRUE, to avoid having to deal with "stdbool.h" (patch from Winfried)
44May 16, 2011
45* [antonin] fixed another bug related to the number of packets in a tile-part, not correctly taken into acccount when generating an index file during decoding.
46* [antonin] fixed part of issue 69, when tile-part index is inconsistent with the total number of tile-parts
48May 12, 2011
49* [antonin] xcode project file updated (now integrates openjpip)
51April 16, 2011
52* [antonin] fixed a bug in mqc.c (see, credit to Peter Wimmer)
53* [antonin] fixed wrong path in Doxyfile.dox
55April 14, 2011
56+ [antonin] initial commit of OpenJPIP 1.0, a JPIP client-server architecture based on OpenJPEG (see README file in jpip directory for more details, see 'applications/jpip/CHANGES' for subsequent jpip-related commits)
57* [antonin] fixed applications/codec/CMakeLists.txt that prevented JPWL executables to be built with JPWL functionalities.
58! [antonin] changed make all behaviour : DOC target removed from ALL.
60April 13, 2011
61! [antonin] changed the directory hierarchy of the whole project. See README files for details.
62! [antonin] moved "openjpeg3d" directory from the trunk to the branches directory.
63! [antonin] renamed and reorganized "jp3d" directory to "openjpeg3d". Is now a standalone directory, with independent cmake files. Done as it uses its own version of the openjpeg library and does not depend on the one currently developped. Will be removed from the trunk and stored in a branch.
65April 12, 2011
66* [antonin] Fixed internal function names conflict with Jasper (
67* [antonin] convert.c: ENDIAN condition removed, tiftoimage and imagetotif updated (ALPHA added for RGB and GRAY, correct handling of 12-bit precision), small bugfixes (credit to Winfried)
68* [antonin] small fix in (credit to Vincent Torri)
70March 21, 2011
71+ [antonin] added two files FindLCMS.cmake and FindLCMS2.cmake as they are not shipped by default with other cmake modules.
73March 20, 2011
74+ [antonin] added a 'thirdparty' directory to include main source files of libtiff, libpng, libz and liblcms to enable support of these formats in the codec executables. CMake will try to statically build these libraries if they are not found on the system. Note that these third party libraries are not required to build libopenjpeg (which has no dependencies).
75- [antonin] removed the 'libs' directory containing win32 compiled versions of libpng, libtiff and liblcms.
77March 10, 2011
78* [antonin] fixed lt_version in
80March 5, 2011
81! [antonin] cosmetic change for status report of ./configure
83March 4, 2011
84* [antonin] now assume MinGW does not have dirent.h (actually have it but without opendir function). Fixed also a WIN32 check in jp3d/libjp3dvm/openjpeg3d.h.
85! [antonin] updated autotools files to improve build and install procedures (credit to Vincent Torri).
87February 17, 2011
88* [antonin] replaced 'long' by 'size_t' in dwt.c to be sure to cast to a pointer size.
89* [antonin] now allows 16-bit precision for mj2 encoding and decoding (solves Issue 49 and Issue 63). Credit to Winfried.
91February 9, 2011
92! [antonin] renamed "java sources" to "java-sources" to avoid blank space
93- [antonin] removed from svn, as it is automaticaly generated by autoheader when calling ./
95February 6, 2011
96* [antonin] cmake : fixed installed links to openjpeg.h and openjpeg3d.h.
98January 30, 2011
99* [antonin] fixed warnings in jp2.c (signed compared to unsigned) and dwt.c (bad cast)
100- [antonin] removed depcomp file from trunk (automatically copied by automake in main folder)
102January 29, 2011
103* [antonin] removed 'é' in license header to prevent warning C4819 (see Issue 57).
105January 24, 2011
106- [antonin] remove more obsolete VS files. Left only mj2_to_metadata VS files, as this is the only executable not yet handled by CMake.
108January 23, 2011
109- [antonin] removed obsolete VS files
110! [antonin] MJ2 module:
111                        - Add two components to mj2.h: meth, enumcs.
112                        - Define or reset all components of mj2_cparameters_t before its usage.
113                        - Add argument '-D prec' to frames_to_mj2.c and use the precision in mj2_convert.c (solves Issue 49).
114* [antonin] move 'KK' definition from rs.h to rs.c to prevent duplicate symbol error when building jpwl with autotools.
116January 18, 2011
117! [rdieter] cmake: SOVERSION change to 1 (from 1.4) to match auto-tools
119January 17, 2011
120- [rdieter] remove generated files (Issue 52)
122January 16, 2011
123* [antonin] convert.c: inclusion of endian.h has to be different on APPLE platforms
125January 13, 2011
126+ [rdieter] add pkg-config support to cmake
127! [rdieter] adjust autotools pkg-config support to match
128* [rdieter] fix symlink creation (cmake)
130January 9, 2011
131- [antonin] removed forgotten debug info in imagetopnm().
133January 9, 2011
134! [antonin] imagetopnm() has been rewritten to allow 16-bits precision, and PAM (P7) support. See Netpbm for more info. (patch from szukw000).
136January 7, 2011
137! [szukw000] changed report code in
139January 3, 2011
140- [antonin] removed badly written tests from CTest in 'codec/CMakeLists.txt'
142_______ R697 : OPENJPEG 1.4 RELEASED ______________________________
144January 2, 2011
145* [antonin] bug fixes to enable cmake compilation on WIN32 platform
146                        - fixed getopt bug in jpwl/CMakeLists.txt
147                        - added png, zlib and lcms win32 libraries to libs directory
148                        - updated libs/libtiff library
149                        - moved j2k_dump_{image,cp} to j2k_dump.c to remain consistent with API interface
150                        - changed mj2 cmake compilation method: as long as mj2 binaries do not strictly use the API interface, libopenjpeg source files are directly included in mj2 executables compilation.
151! [antonin] small update to xcode project
153December 14, 2010
154! [szukw000] adapted to build
155             choice: shared xor static
157December 11, 2010
158* [antonin] fixed flags when building jp3d with MinGW
160December 10, 2010
161! [szukw000] changed build choice in
162             shared xor static
164December 9, 2010
165! [antonin] removed LCMS dependency in jp3d/libjp3dvm/CMakeLists.txt
166! [antonin] updated xcode project
167! [antonin] renamed jp3d/libjp3dvm/openjpeg.h => jp3d/libjp3dvm/openjpeg3d.h
168- [antonin] removed "codec/compat/" directory
169* [szukw000] updated
170! [szukw000] removed LCMS dependencies from
172December 8, 2010
173  (thanks to Winfried for his help)
174* [antonin] changed remaining "WIN32" to "_WIN32"
175! [antonin] libopenjpeg has no more dependency on LCMS lib. Everything concerning color (icc profile, conversion to rgb, etc) has been put outside libopenjpeg and is used in j2k_to_image.c and mj2_to_frames.c.
176- [antonin] removed 'opj_convert{.c,.h}'
177+ [antonin] added a directory 'common/' that contains 'getopt{.c,.h}' (previously in 'codec/compat').
178+ [antonin] added files 'color{.c,.h}' in 'common/' that define the code for icc profile management and sycc_to_rgb conversion
179+ [antonin] added 'common/format_defs.h' that contains common definitions used in image_to_j2k, j2k_to_image, j2k_dump.
181December 5, 2010
182! [antonin] revert to previous behaviour for cmake: builds (and links) dynamically by default. Static build only if -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS is set to OFF.
183* [antonin] added a definition in getopt.h and an initial value in convert.c
185December 3, 2010
186* [antonin] workaround for name clash when building static and dynamic on WIN32 (see for description)
188November 28, 2010
189* [antonin] fixed a bug in codec/convert.c that prevented to build executables with WIN32 compiler (thanks winfried)
190! [antonin] changed cmake behaviour: executables are now always statically linked. When -DBUIL_SHARED_LIBS option is ON (the default), the shared versions of the libraries are also built (but executables remain linked against the static libraries).
192November 25, 2010
193* [antonin] fix compilation and DLL creation of libopenjpeg with MSYS/MinGW (from vincent.torri, see issue 47 on googlecode)
195November 22, 2010
196! [antonin] xcode : changed to native architecture build by default
197* [antonin] reverted 'include "../opj_config.h"' to 'include "opj_config.h"'
199November 17, 2010
200! [antonin] install man pages by default. install CHANGES and LICENSE
201! [antonin] minor changes in cmake files (from winfried)
203November 16, 2010
204! [antonin] minor changes in cmake flags
206November 15, 2010
207! [antonin] xcode project rewrite.
208! [antonin] changed imagetopng() function to correctly deal with non-standard bit-depths. Add png support for win32. (from winfried)
209* [antonin] minor changes in header inclusions
210* [antonin] complete rewrite of opj_convert.c with correct values (from winfried)
212November 11, 2010
213- [antonin] removed call to dirent.h in jp3d;
215October 28, 2010
216* [ben.boeckel] Set the soname and soversion on the jpwl library with CMake
217+ [ben.boeckel] Install jpwl binaries with CMake
219October 26, 2010
220* [ben.boeckel] Install symlinks to versioned directory headers when using CMake
221+ [ben.boeckel] Set the library version on jp3d when using CMake
223October 25, 2010
224* [ben.boeckel] Fix jp3d version
226October 24, 2010
227* [antonin] Fixed doxygen data inside source code (from winfried)
229October 22, 2010
230* [ben.boeckel] Don't install jp3d and libopenjpeg headers to the same place
232October 22, 2010
233* [ben.boeckel] Install man pages when using CMake
235October 22, 2010
236! [ben.boeckel] Default to building shared libraries
238October 22, 2010
239* [antonin] Patch to support the MSVC Win 64 builds (from szekerest)
241October 22, 2010
242* [antonin] Currently the Visual Studio builds are broken in the SVN. Attached a patch to fix this issue (from szekerest)
244October 22, 2010
245* [szukw000] replaced 'cp -d' with 'cp -P' for MacOSX
247October 22, 2010
248* [szukw000] 'jpwl/': added CFLAGS for bin_PROGRAMS
250October 22, 2010
251+ [szukw000] added ''
252! [szukw000] changed '' to create 'libopenjpeg.pc'
253! [szukw000] changed '' to [un]install 'libopenjpeg.pc'
254! [szukw000] changed 'doc/' : 'uninstall-hook' added
256October 20, 2010
257* [antonin] fixed help display (patch from winfried)
259October 20, 2010
260* [antonin]
261    fixed paths to png and tiff in CMakeLists.txt (patch from winfried)
262    fixed link to lcms library (patch from winfried)
264October 18, 2010
265* [antonin] fixed options and help display (patch from winfried)
267October 18, 2010
268! [szukw000]
269        doc/
270        doc/Makefile.nix
271        jp3d/Makefile.nix
272        jpwl/Makefile.nix
273        Makefile.nix
274        config.nix
276October 17, 2010
277! [szukw000]
278 : 'enable_shared' YES by default
279        doc/ :
280                'all-local' and 'install-data-hook' added
281                'with_doxygen' conditional added
282 : 'doc' directory no longer substituted in SUBDIRS
284        to link binaries statically: '-static' added to:
285                codec/
286                mj2/
287                jpwl/
288                jp3d/codec/
290        mj2/ : 'with_libjpwl' removed
291        mj2/Makefile.nix : 'with_libjpwl' removed
293        config.nix : 'WITH_JPWL', 'WITH_JP3D' added
294        doc/Makefile.nix : 'clean', 'install', 'uninstall' added
295        Makefile.nix : 'WITH_JPWL', 'WITH_JP3D' added
297        INSTALL : topic 3) changed regarding the changes in 'config.nix'
299October 13, 2010
300! [szukw000]
304        'with_libjpwl' removed from:
305                libopenjpeg/
306                codec/
307                codec/Makefile.nix
308                Makefile.nix
310October 10, 2010
311* [antonin] Patch from winfried
313                                1. The jp3d/libjp3dvm/ has been changed:
315                                Installing: /usr/local/TEST_CONFIG/include/openjpeg3d-1.3/
316                                Installing: /usr/local/TEST_CONFIG/include/openjpeg3d-1.3/openjpeg3d.h
318                                PREFIX/include:
320                                         23  openjpeg.h -> openjpeg-1.4/openjpeg.h
321                                         27  openjpeg3d.h -> openjpeg3d-1.3/openjpeg3d.h
323                                28773  openjpeg-1.4/openjpeg.h
324                                22158  openjpeg3d-1.3/openjpeg3d.h
326                                2. The jp3d/Makefile.nix has been changed respectivly.
328                                3. The mj2/Makefile.nix contained a wrong path to 'compat/'
330                                4. contained a comment within a comment.
332                                5. 'autoreconf' reported that AC_PROG_RANLIB is no longer
333                                        necessary in ''.
335October 08, 2010
336* [antonin] fixed a bug in mj2.c that prevented extract_j2k_from_mj2 to build properly. Patch from winfried.
338October 04, 2010
339+ [antonin] Added files to let people build openjpeg with 'configure' tools
340+ [antonin] Added makefiles to let people manually build openjpeg on *nix platforms
341- [antonin] Removed obsolete Makefiles
342! [antonin] Renamed dirent.h to windirent.h
343! [antonin] Made optional the PNG, TIFF, and LCMS support in CMake files
344+ [antonin] Added opj_config* files to configure openjpeg before building it (opj_config.h generated by 'configure', cmake, or manually by the user)
345! [antonin] Renamed this file from ChangeLog to CHANGES
346! [antonin] Renamed 'License.txt' to 'LICENSE'
347! [antonin] Updated README files
348+ [antonin] Added INSTALL and LICENSE files
349+ [antonin] Added man pages
351June 22, 2010
352+ [MM] Apply patch from w. szukalski (sent to list)
353+ [MM] Also dump the image info as well as cp info.
355June 21, 2010
356+ [MM] Added a j2k_dump to simply dump the parameter of a J2K file
358May 26, 2010
359+ [antonin] Added CTestConfig.cmake to the root directory to incorporate the testing dashboard.
360+ [antonin] MACOSX : Added a "build all" target to the XCode project file.
362April 16, 2010
363* [antonin] MACOSX : Fixed the XCode project file to link with the PNG library. Library and header should be located in /usr/local/lib/ and /usr/local/include/, respectively. Check if it is not the case on your mac.
365April 8, 2010
366* [FOD] Fixed issue 6 on google code. Variable "pi" not freed or pointed-to in function "pi_create_encode". Thanks to Kent Mein for reporting this.
367* [FOD] Fixed problem with Borland C++ Builder (Borland C do not have lrintf). Thanks Marek Mauder for this fix.
368* [FOD] Fixed pi.c bug (issue 15 on google code). Thanks to Anton Lionel for catching this.
369* [FOD] Fixed MJ2 codec bugs (issues 23-24 on google code). Thanks to Winfried for these patches
370* [FOD] Fixed JP3D codec file format analyzer. Thanks to Kristóf Ralovich for this patch.
371! [FOD] Significant optimizations of MCT, DWT, MQ and T1 modules by Peter Wimmer (thanks Peter)
373March 26, 2010
374+ [FOD] Added support for "jpc" codestreams which are equivalent to "j2c" codestreams. Thanks to Winfried for this patch
375* [FOD] Added support for PNG image format [Not yet functional under WIN32]. Thanks to Winfried for this patch. See details here
377March 24, 2010
378* [FOD] Code improvements using 'g++-4.4.0' to trace the code. Thanks to Winfried for this patch.               
380March 7, 2010
381* [FOD] Fixed small compatibility issues with win32 in codec (moved include <strings.h>)
383March 5, 2010
384! [FOD] Updated makefiles for v1.4 and v2.0
385+ [FOD] First import of OPJ_Validate tool
387February 18, 2010
388* [FOD] JP3D Module. Fixed issue when computing the number of elements in an array that leads to crash (thanks Kristof). Updated JP3D makefiles.
390January 20, 2010
391! [FOD] Created a new constant in openjpeg.h to differentiate the case when the colorspace is not supported by the library and when it is not specified in the codestream. Suggested by Matteo Italia.
393November 5, 2009
394* [antonin] fixed MCT check bug in t1_getwmsedec. See for info.
396November 5, 2009
397* [antonin] fixed "tiffio" header inclusion to use user version on Win32 system only (otherwise assume its existence in system headers).
399September 10, 2009
400* [antonin] fixed minor bugs which were triggering warnings at compilation (different signedness, wrong pointer type, etc)
402September 8, 2009
403* [antonin] openjpeg.c : fixed initialization of parameters->cp_disto_alloc/fixed_quality/fixed_alloc/tcp_numlayers because they were preventing to use the -q and -f options.
405August 31, 2009
406* [antonin] JavaOpenJpegDecoder.c : fixed a signed/unsigned behaviour when returning form C to JAVA
408August 21, 2008
409* [antonin] found a bug in tcd.c that was preventing to find the correct threshold in tcd_rateallocate.c for high-precision images. Applied a temporary patch but a better solution should be found.
411August 21, 2008
412* [antonin] fixed a bug in image_to_j2k.c that was preventing the 'r' option to work properly (everything was compressed lossless regardless of the specified rate).
414August 8, 2008
415! [FOD] Modified the way raw images with more that 8bpp are read and written
417July 9, 2008
418+ [Parvatha] Added the default lossless parameter to opj_set_default_encoder_parameters in openjpeg.c.
420June 12, 2008
421* [antonin] fixed a bug in dirent.h that prevented codec on Linux Alpha Systems to compile correctly. Thanks to RobinC.
423May 22, 2008
424* [antonin] fixed a bug in j2k.c (j2k_write_sod) that allowed to get negative rates, thanks zhong1985624 for pointing this.
426May 22, 2008
427* [antonin] additional test to avoid crash due to invalid image size, patch by Christopher Layne
429May 20, 2008
430* [antonin] memory leak fixed in openjpeg.c (opj_destroy_cstr_info()), patch by Carsten Juttner
432March 12, 2008
433+ [GB] help line for the -F option in j2k_to_image
435March 4, 2008
436! [FOD] Changed Java files copyright in JavaOpenJPEG module
438February 28, 2008
439* [FOD] Fixed openjpeg.c for proper initialization of codec context structures (dinfo in opj_create_compress()
440                and opj_create_decompress(). Bug fix suggested by Andrey V. Kiselev
441* [FOD] Clean up of opj_aligned_malloc(), to just forgo the use of posix_memalign(),
442                as apparently memalign() is what is working better for everyone. Patch by Callum.
444February 28, 2008
445- [FOD] Removed the J2KViewer module, which has been replaced by OPJViewer
446* [FOD] Fixed the error handling of j2k_decode in jp2.c, thanks to Robin Cornelius
448February 11, 2008
449* [GB] Minor style modifications to comply with c99 compiler flag; removed Microsoft-specific "union-in-struct" syntax; Re-enabled cstr_info struct creation when -W switch is specified
450! [GB] Changed a number of things in opjviewer (e.g., decoding thread does not execute GUI calls anymore), to have it running under linux --> it is better than before, but still crashes
452February 5, 2008
453! [Parvatha] In convert.c, corrected imagetobmp() conversion for grayscale. In tcd.c, corrected Rate modification in
454  tcd_init_encode(). Thanks to Jeremy Furtek and JérÃŽme Fimes.
456January 31, 2008
457! [GB] In opjviewer, unification of JPEG 2000 family handlers (*.jp2, *.mj2, *.j2k) in a single file
459January 22, 2008
460! [FOD] In image.c, changed the opj_image_create0() memory allocation from malloc() to calloc() in order
461                to avoid segfaults when freeing the memory allocated for the coding of bad images.
462                Thanks to Christopher Layne for this improvement.
464January 17, 2008
465+ [antonin] Initial commit of Xcode project directory (XCode 2.5 for macosx)
466                        available targets : libopenjpeg (stat and dyn), image_to_j2k, j2k_to_image
468January 16, 2008
469* [antonin] fixed opj_malloc.h for macosx (bugfix provided by janpeder, thanks)
471January 11, 2008
472+ [FOD] Added missing files to JavaOpenJPEG project (files from Patrick Piscaglia)
474January 4, 2008
475* [Parvatha] Patch by Callum Lerwick. Fixed bug during encoding using tile option in tcd.c
478December 21, 2007
482December 21, 2007
483* [FOD] Bug fixed by David Bruken. Fixed memory allocation issue in opj_malloc.h
484! [FOD] Possible errors in pi_create_encode handled
486December 19, 2007
487* [Antonin] changed variables names alpha, beta, gamma, delta in dwt.c to avoid re-declarations on Macosx
488! [Parvatha] In pi.c, removed the Recursive function pi_check_next_level() and modified the code.
489* [FOD] Fixed allocation problem in pi.c
491December 19, 2007
492+ [FOD] In mqc.h, changed MQC_NUMCTXS from 32 to 19 as there are only 19 possible contexts
494December 10, 2007
495+ [FOD] First import of JAVAOpenJPEG, a Java wrapper of OpenJPEG, developed by Patrick Piscaglia of Telemis (
496                Thank you Patrick for this new module !
498November 29, 2007
499! [GB] Added index.h and index.c in VC6 projects; wrapped index.h in the C++ preprocessor; modified OPJViewer project and some files.
501November 14, 2007
502+ [FOD] Created the file index.c in the codec directory. This file handles the creation of index files,
503                at encoding and decoding.
504* [FOD] Fixed bugs during the creation of the index (PCRL progression order)
505* [FOD] Fixed the maximum number of resolutions a user can discard while decoding.
506                Added an error state in J2K_STATE (j2k.c)
508November 14, 2007
509! [FOD] - First Patch by Callum Lerwick. Instead of reinventing realloc, j2k_read_sod now just uses opj_realloc in j2k.c
510                - Second Patch by Callum Lerwick. This patch rearranges the largest memory allocations so they're allocated as
511                late as possible, and freed as soon as possible. This cuts memory usage by about half on two large test images.
512                - Third Patch by Callum Lerwick. The opj_tcd_cblk array is one of the largest allocations, because it
513                contains a bunch of static buffers. This also makes it a major source of cache thrashing. This patch allocates
514                the buffers from the heap, and dynamically sizes them in the decoder. I have not yet managed to dynamically size
515                them in the encoder, getting the decoder to do it was tricky enough... I also split opj_tcd_cblk_t into separate
516                encode and decode versions. A lot of fields were not used by both, so this cuts its size even further.
518* [FOD] Avoided ABI breakage
520November 13, 2007
521! [FOD] Patch by Dzonatas and Callum Lerwick.
522        Fp/vectorization patch which basically converts most of the irreversible decode codepath to floating point,
523        eliminating a few rounds of int/fp conversion, resulting in a vast performance improvement,
524        and an increase in accuracy.
526November 8, 2007
527! [FOD] In t1.c, small change to avoid calling twice t1_getwmsedec()
528        Patches from Callum Lewick:
529                - Basic gcc optimization flags in cmake and makefile match.
530                - Fixed some spelling errors in dwt.c.
532November 5, 2007
533*+ [GB] Fixed a bug which prevented JPWL from working on multi-tiled images; added some more fields in the interface info structures
534(keep a list of markers, save start packet number for each tile)
536October 23, 2007
537* [GB] Improved success for the linux build; OPJViewer shows all the COM contents
539October 18, 2007
540* [FOD] Changed the ROI parameter in the image_to_j2k codec to make it correspond to the documentation (i.e. -ROI c=0,U=25)
541* [FOD] Patch from Callum Lewick. Memset patch.
542                The main idea of the patch is that currently opj_malloc clears all allocations, which unnecessarily
543                dirties up the cache and eats bandwidth. This patch makes it no longer do so, and I've painstakingly determined which allocations actually need
544                to be cleared and changed them to use opj_calloc() instead. I previously tried to just get rid of the opj_*alloc wrappers but that
545                idea was nixed, so this time I'm trying it with macros. I also put in a gcc pragma that helps enforce their use. Which got messy.  :)  It caught a
546                few places they weren't used but it also revealed that the mj2 tools are not very cleanly separated from the library. It includes all the
547                internal headers, but it wasn't using the malloc wrappers. I figured the binaries should be "external" and have minimal knowledge of the
548                internals of the library. I patched them to not include opj_includes.h, and include only the internal headers they actually need. However,
549                they're using the opj_clock() function, which is in with the malloc wrappers. So I decided to move the malloc wrappers to their own header.
550                But mj2.c seems to want to be "internal", so I patched it to use the wrappers. Note that this patch changes the semantics of opj_malloc, it no longer
551                clears the memory it allocates. If you need it to be cleared, you must use opj_calloc instead, or memset it yourself. It is also somewhat
552                invasive, please test it extensively. I've been pounding on it all summer with my test suite, Second Life, and valgrind, and it checks out clean.
554October 12, 2007
555* [FOD] Changed the way the image structure is allocated when the decoding parameters include some resolutions to discard.
556        This should have a significant impact for the decoding of huge images when some resolutions are discarder (-r parameter)
557        Warning: The output image size is now reduced when discarding resolutions !
559October 10, 2007
560* [FOD] Patch from Callum Lewick. Clean up of j2klib.h for the aligned malloc stuff.
561        It makes it work right with mingw, as _mm_malloc() isn't a macro, attempts to pave the way to using cmake
562        to check for this stuff and combines a patch from Dana Fagerstrom at Sun that makes it use memalign() on Solaris
563        convert.c: Changed some error comments for TIFF images
565September 27, 2007
566* [FOD] Patch from Callum Lewick. Fixed dwt.c where an alignment in buffer was problematic under x86_64.
568September 25, 2007
569* [Mathieu Malaterre] BUG: Fix previous patch from Callum Lerwick. I have no
570    clue what CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR refers too. Bump up cmake 2.2 restriction to
571    cmake 2.4 because of previous patch (not backward compatible). Properly set the SOVERSION in a cross plateform way (yes WIN32 is a platform)
573September 19, 2007
574* [Parvatha] Fixed issues with generation of SOP marker.
576September 18, 2007
577* [Parvatha] Fixed issues with Reading and Writing TIF images in convert.c to avoid segmentation fault.
578* [Parvatha] Fixed issues relating to using user specified rates for CINEMA option for multiple images.
580September 17, 2007
581* [FOD] Fixed issues with cstr_info when codestream has components with different number of resolutions.
582! [FOD] OpenJPEG library interface modified to retain compatibility with version 1.2
584September 12, 2007
585* [FOD] Patch from Callum Lerwick.
586                Fixed the library linking so it links with the soversion properly set.
587                Fixes up the install targets so that it interacts properly with RPM.
588                Install target for MJ2. Sets some necessary and useful CFLAGS if gcc is in use.         
589* [FOD] Updated the MJ2 codec to be compatible with the recent changes in the OpenJPEG library
591September 11, 2007
592* [GB] JPWL encoding is finalized correctly into the JP2 file format; added an additional structure in opj_codestream_info, to keep a record of the written markers
594September 8, 2007
595* [GB] Adapted the JPWL and OPJViewer code to new interface; fixed a samll bug in JPWL which created large EPBs even when null protection was specified
597September 7, 2007
598+ [FOD] Indexes can now be generated when decoding J2K codestreams.
599* [Mathieu Malaterre] Upon failure, properly return error code (!=0).
600* [Mathieu Malaterre] CMake: Add cmake code to do testing if user has properly setup a testimages directory
602September 6, 2007
603+ [Mathieu Malaterre] CMake: start compiling mj2, jpwl and jp3d
604+ [Mathieu Malaterre] CMake: output all executable/libs into one single directory
605+ [Mathieu Malaterre] CMake: start compiling index_create
606+ [Mathieu Malaterre] OpenJPEG.rc update copyright year
607+ [Mathieu Malaterre] CMake: add Java j2kviewer but do not compile it using cmake since cmake has too poor support for Java. Should create a custom command running ant instead.
608+ [Mathieu Malaterre] CMake: Add doxygen output
609+ [GB] One more field in the codestream_info struct for recording the number of packets per tile part; JPWL now distributes the EPBs in all the tile part headers
610+ [Mathieu Malaterre] CMake: Add very simple tests (simply run command line with no option)
611* [Mathieu Malaterre] Fix unitialized read in img_fol (we may need a smarter initialize than memset)
613September 4, 2007
614+ [GB] Added some fields in the codestream_info structure: they are used to record the position of single tile parts.
615                Changed also the write_index function in the codec, to reflect the presence of this new information.
617September 3, 2007
618+ [GB] Added the knowledge of JPSEC SEC and INSEC markers (you have to compile the JPWL project). Management of these markers is limited to skipping them without crashing:
619                no real security function at this stage. Deprecated USE_JPSEC will be removed next
621August 31, 2007
622* [GB] Fixed save capabilities in OPJViewer due to recent code upgrade
624August 30, 2007
625* [FOD] Changed the OpenJPEG library interface to enable users to access information regarding the codestream (also called codestream index).
626                This index is usefull for all applications requiring to have a scalable acces to the codestream (like JPIP applications, ...)
627        Currently, this information is only available when encoding an image.       
628+ [FOD] Added the information regarding the end of packet position in the index       
630August 28, 2007
631* [FOD] Fixed wrong destructors called in openjpeg.c
632* [FOD] Fixed bug in j2k_decode_jpt_stream
634August 24, 2007
635* [Parvatha] The end of main header is calculated after TLM and POC marker for Dcinema.
637August 21, 2007
638+ [FOD] Added support for Visual Studio 2005
639* [FOD] Robustified MJ2 codecs
640* [Parvatha] Solved problems with codec reading from image file directory when filename had more than one "." in name
641* [Callum Lerwick] Minor cleanup patch, that gets rid of a bunch of "old style declaration" warnings from Intel's compiler
642* [Callum Lerwick] Aligned malloc using Intel's _mm_malloc(). Cleanup on the t1 memory allocation, getting rid of some leftover debug code
643* [Callum Lerwick] Memory leaks fixed
644* [Callum Lerwick] Reworks of t1_updateflags to get rid of the shift operation
645* [Callum Lerwick] mqc_setcurctx moved to the header to allow it to be inlined into the t1.
646* [Callum Lerwick] Consolidated some calls to mqc_setcurctx.
647* [Callum Lerwick] Cleaned up t1_generate_luts to output the proper types.
648* [Callum Lerwick] Replaced the large ctxno_mag lookup table with a small bit of inline-able branchless code
649* [Callum Lerwick] Moved the orient flipping into the ctxno_zc table.
651August 20, 2007
652+ [FOD] Added support for the TGA file format in the codec
654August 08, 2007
655* [Parvatha] Fixed the DCinema filesize allocation. It now includes the SOT marker size
657August 02, 2007
658+ [GB] Added a basic saving capability to OPJViewer
660July 18, 2007
661! [FOD] Updated libtiff library version to 3.8.2 (for WIN32)
662* [FOD] Updated BMP and PxM truncation when decoding J2K files with more than 8 bits
664July 17, 2007
665* [FOD] Fixed raw option for images with more than three components
667July 17, 2007
668+ [FOD] Added support for RAW images. This module has been developped by the University of Perugia team. Thanks to them ! [image_to_j2k.c j2k_to_image.c convert.c convert.h]
670July 13, 2007
671! [FOD] Modified the memory allocation for codestreams containing multiple tiles. The memory is now allocated for each tile indenpendently,
672                leading to an important decrease of the virtual memory needed. [j2k.c tcd.h tcd.c]
673! [FOD] Modified old comments about the ability to decode mega-images and comments about the disk size necessary to do this. [image_to_j2k.c and frames_to_mj2.c]
674* [FOD] Added 2000 bytes for the memory allocation in cio.c for the minimum size of headers (useful in case of very small images) [cio.c]
676July 12, 2007
677* [GB] fixed a bug in JPWL module, which prevented to exploit the full error correction capability of RS codes (e.g. it gave up at 5 errors,
678                even if 6 were correctable); defined a JPWL_MAXIMUM_EPB_ROOM for better customization of the maximum dimension of EPBs (the dimension
679                is pre-calculated on an hypothesis, if it goes beyond 65535 there will be problems, thus we give a little less than the max, let's say 65450)
681July 8, 2007
682* [ANTONIN] fixed the size of the memory allocation in cio.c (confusion between bits and bytes)
684June 21, 2007
685* [FOD] Output image color space set when decoding a JP2 file in jp2.c
686+ [GB] Previous, home, and next frame buttons for exploring MJ2 files in OPJViewer
688June 18, 2007
689* [GB] Reload image doesn't crash in OPJViewer; more settings saved to registry
691June 16, 2007
692+ [GB] Possibility to disable parsing in OPJViewer; also, saves common settings to the registry
694June 15, 2007
695* [FOD] Fixed the generation of index files
699MAY 4, 2007
703May 4, 2007
704* [FOD] Bugs corrected in decoding of command line (getopt.c), in the handling of 16 bit files (t1.c and tcd.c) and the calculation of elapsed time for multiple tiles parts (tcd.c and tdc.h).
706June 2, 2007
707+ [GB] OPJViewer opens now BMP, PNG, GIF, PNM, TIFF (with wxWidgets internals); added an encoder settings tab, for future integration with "save file as..." in JPEG 2000 format
709May 31, 2007
710* [FOD] Fixed the handling of 16bit TIFF files for cinema compression. Modified "convert.c"
711* [FOD] Fixed the parameters used for cinema compression (9-7 transform used instead of 5-3). Modified "image_to_j2k.c"
713May 24, 2007
714* [FOD] Bug fixed by Sylvain Munaut. Change in the reading of the POC marker. Since COD/COC can be anywhere in the header, the decoder cannot always know while decoding the POC marker
715                the value of numlayers and numresolution.
717May 23, 2007
718! [FOD] Patch suggested by Callum Lerwick <>: "This makes the t1 data arrays dynamic, which greatly reduces cache thrashing. Also, some minor cleanup to prevent unnecessary casts"
720May 22, 2007
721! [FOD] Patch suggested by Callum Lerwick <>: "Some formatting cleanups,
722                so that the long function definitions and calls fit on screen. Use of prefix increment which is theoretically faster, in practice any sane compiler can optimize a postfix
723                increment but its best not to count on such things. Consolidation of some redundant calculations in the inner loops, which becomes very useful in the future autovectorize patch."
724! [FOD] Patch suggested by Callum Lerwick <>: "This changes the flag code in t1 to use a flag_t type, which can then be changed to reduce RAM usage. It is now typedef to a short."
725! [FOD] Patch suggested by Callum Lerwick <>: "This patch makes the t1 LUTs static. I actually intend this as a prelude to possibly eliminating some or all of the LUTs entirely."
727May 11, 2007
728- [FOD] JP3D library Binaries removed from SVN.
729! [FOD] MJ2 codec updated from LibOpenJPEG version 0.97 to LibOpenJPEG version 1. Hence, the MJ2 codec will now take advantage of all the improvements and optimizations done on the LibOpenJPEG library.
730! [FOD] Possibility to choose to apply MCT (multiple component transform) enabled, and new decoding_limit: DECODE_ALL_BUT_PACKETS (openjpeg.h)
732April 26, 2007
733+ [gdcm] Add basic steps on how to use CMake for building examples (README.cmake)
735April 25, 2007
736+ [FOD] Modification of the openjpeg.h file to avoid and ABI break with v1.1, removed the dangerous #IFDEF JPWL and added tcp_mct in cparameters.
738April 23, 2007
739+ [GB] Enable/disable image decoding in OPJViewer
741April 12,2007
742* [Parvatha] Fixed Error in tiftoimage(). Modification in convert.c.
744April 10,2007
745+ [Parvatha] Accepting "j2c"  as format for Encoding and Decoding. Modification in image_to_j2k.c.
746* [Parvatha] Modified imagetotif() to read images with signed data. Modification in convert.c.
748April 5, 2007
749! [FOD] fix.h optimized. Thanks a lot to Dzonatas <dzonatas at> !
750! [FOD] dwt.c optimized. Thanks a lot to Dzonatas <dzonatas at> !
751! [FOD] t1.c optimized. Thanks a lot to Callum Lerwick <seg at>  !
753April 4,2007
754+ [Parvatha] Digital cinema compliance for 4K chosen by "-cinema4K" option. Modification in image_to_j2k.c.
755+ [Parvatha] Bit rate limitation for each color component. Modification in image_to_j2k.c, t2.c.
756* [Parvatha] Modified and tested Progression order change "-POC" option. Modification in image_to_j2k.c, j2k.c, pi.c.
757+ [Parvatha] Function j2k_check_poc_val() to check for possible loss of packets in case of wrong POC declaration. Modification in j2k.c.
758+ [Parvatha] Structure T2_MODE. This tells if the t2_encode_packets() is called during Threshold calculation or in Final pass. Modification in j2k.h, tcd.c
760March 30, 2007
761* [GB] OPJViewer should now work under Linux, at least with not big j2k files. Tested under Suse 10.1 64 bit.
763March 29, 2007
764* [Parvatha] Enable accepting file names with `-ÂŽ symbol .Modification getopt.c
765* [Parvatha] Rsiz profile name generation to be STD_RSIZ for profiles which are not DCI compliant.Modification in image_to_j2k.c
766! [Parvatha] renamed convert_progression_order to j2k_convert_progression_order. Modification j2k.c
767* [Parvatha] Calculation of number of tile part in each tile in j2k_calculate_tp. Modification j2k.c
768! [Parvatha] j2k_setup_encoder to set bit rate limitation for digital cinema compliance with quality option. Modification in j2k.c
769* [Parvatha] Equation to check multiple tile precincts. Modification pi.c
770! [Parvatha] array size generation of pi->include in pi_initialise_encode().Modification in pi.c
771* [Parvatha] modification in pi_create_encode for tile part generation.Modification in pi.c
772+ [Parvatha] In tcd_rateallocate a variable stable_threshold which holds the valid threshold value.
773                         This is used to avoid error in case of a wrong threshold value in the last iteration. Modification in tcd.c.
775March 28, 2007
776* [FOD] Fixed an historical bug in t1.c that leaded to the inclusion of useless 0xFF in the codestream. Thanks to Sylvain, Pascal and Parvatha !
778March 27, 2007
779+ [GB] Improved parsing in OPJViewer, as well some minor aesthetic modifications; support for image rendering with bit depths lower than 8 bits;
780                can display an arbitrary frame of an MJ2 file (only in B/W, though); can reload a file; better resizing capabilities
781* [GB] Following to Hervé's suggestions, all the exit() calls, added by JPWL strict checking in t2.c and j2k.c,
782                have been substituted with (object free'ing + opj_evt_message(EVT_ERROR) + return)
783+ [GB] Added linking to TIFF library in the JPWL VC6 workspaces
785March 23, 2007
786* [antonin] Fixed Makefile.osx and changed Readme.osx accordingly
788March 21, 2007
789* [Parvatha] Fixed j2k_prog_order_list[]. Modifications in j2k.c.
790* [Parvatha] Fixed t1_decode_cblks. Modifications in t1.c.
792March 20, 2007
793+ [Parvatha] Added feature for generation of tile parts. Modifications in image_to_j2k.c, openjpeg.c, j2k.c, pi.c
794+ [Parvatha] Added function j2k_write_tlm(),to generate TLM marker for a Digital cinema compliant codestream. Modifications in j2k.c.
796March 14, 2007
797* [FOD] Fixed linux makefile, with help from David Fries and Guido
799March 7, 2007
800+ [Parvatha] Added option for Digital cinema profile compliant codestream. This can be chosen by "-cinema2K" or "-cinema4K" for a 2K and 4K compliance respectively. The feature for tileparts has not been implemented in this version. Modification in image_to_j2k.c
801+ [Parvatha] Added the Digital Cinema profiles (CINEMA2K and CINEMA4K) to the list of profiles recognized in the codestream SIZ marker segment. Modification in openjpeg.h,j2k.c
802+ [Parvatha] Added feature for constant quality within bitrate defined in Digital cinema standards. Modification in tcd.c
803! [Parvatha] Modified the method of generation of buffer length. Modification in cio.c
806March 1, 2007
807* [FOD] Modified codec projects (*.dsp) and makefile to include the tiff library (modified codec/image_to_j2k.dsp codec/j2k_to_image.dsp and codec/makefile)
808+ [GB] Zoom capability and decoder settings dialog in OPJViewer; modified JPWL library .dsp project in order to create a library with embedded JPWL functions
810February 28, 2007
811+ [Parvatha] Enabled compression of TIF image format to j2k by tifftoimage() and decompression of codestream to TIF image format using imagetotif(). Modifications in image_to_j2k.c, j2k_to_image.c, convert.c, convert.h
812* [antonin] fixed a bug in context numerotation that prevented the RESET switch to work correctly : mqc_reset_enc in mqc.c
813* [Fod] Corrected codec Makefile by adding the compilation of "compat/getopt.c"
815February 27, 2007
816* [Parvatha] Made get_file_format function more robust. Modifications in image_to_j2k.c, j2k_to_image.c, getopt.c, getopt.h
818February 26, 2007
819+ [Parvatha] Option to read images from a Folder whose path is specified in the Input parameters by "-ImgDir" along with output decod format specified by "-OutFor" . Modifications in image_to_j2k.c, j2k_to_image.c, getopt.c, getopt.h
820+ [Parvatha] Enabling use of multi character input parameters in the codec. Modifications in image_to_j2k.c, j2k_to_image.c, getopt.c, getopt.h
823February 23, 2007
827February 23, 2007
828* [GB] Fixed a copy-and-paste type assignment error (bool instead of int) in the JPWL section of decoder parameters structure in openjpeg.h; minor type-casting in jpwl_lib.c.
829                As a result, now OPJViewer should run correctly when built against the most current SVN trunk of LibOpenJPEG.lib
830+ [GB] Linux makefile for the JPWL module; newlines at end of JPWL files
832February 22, 2007
833+ [FOD] Added the OPJViewer Module (/OPJViewer), developed by Giuseppe Baruffa of the university of Perugia
835February 21, 2007
836+ [FOD] Algorithmic optimizations in t1.c, thanks to Guido J. !
838February 19, 2007
839+ [FOD] Added OPJ_LIMIT_DECODING enabling us to limit the decoding to main header (modified openjpeg.c, openjpeg.h, j2k.c and j2k.h)
841February 13, 2007
842! [FOD] David Fries suggestions. In image_to_j2k and j2k_to_image, strncpy() functions: instead of specifying the path size macro, let the compiler read the length out of the array entry.
843! [FOD] David Fries suggestions. Makefile modified. -fPIC flag used for 64-bit compilation. Move operation (rather than copy) for the dist library creation, and -p flag added.
845January 31, 2007
846! [FOD] Extra tokens at the end of #endif directive corrected in openjpeg.c, j2k.c and image_to_j2k.c -> no more warnings in linux compilation
847! [FOD] Linux Makefile added for the codec
849January 30, 2007
850! [FOD] Use of OPJ_PATH_LEN (defined as 4096) to be the maximum allowed size for filenames instead of MAX_PATH which is not always defined. This caused some programs using OpenJPEG to crash. Modifications in openjpeg.h j2k_to_image.c and image_to_j2k.c
851! [FOD] Correction of the syntax usage in MJ2_codec/mj2_to_frames.c
853January 23, 2007
854! [FOD] Modification in the context numbers, to reflect what has been specified in standard, in libopenjpeg/t1.h
856December 07, 2006
857+ [Giuseppe Baruffa] Antonin verified that the MacOS build suffered from a missing definition of the "min" macro; I've added this definition (properly #ifndef'ed) into both jpwl.h and rs.h
859December 05, 2006
860* [Giuseppe Baruffa] Better fix of the TPH EPBs bug in JPWL module
861* [GB] Fixed the UEP bug in JPWL module; now, during a UEP specification, RS protection or CRC check can be switched off for selected range of packets, and consequently reswitched on without confusing the decoder
862+ [GB] Added some lines in the help of JPWL_image_to_j2k, specifying that when using error protection on data packets, this must be paired with header protection, i.e. there cannot be packet protection without header protection
864December 04, 2006
866+ [Francois-Olivier Devaux] New tag: version1.0 (includes codec and libopenjpeg directories)
867Total update of JPWL module
868    - [FOD] removed directories jpwl/decoder, jpwl/encoder, jpwl/decoder_02, jpwl/encoder_02
869    + [FOD] added in JPWL directory crc.h, jpwl.h, rs.h, crc.c, jpwl.c, jpwl_lib.c, rs.c, JPWL_image_to_j2k.dsp, JPWL_j2k_to_image.dsp, LibOpenJPEG_JPWL.dsp, JPWL_image_to_j2k.dsw, JPWL_j2k_to_image.dsw
870    ! [FOD] Modifications of libopenjpeg to integrate JPWL module (in libopenjpeg directory): j2k.c, j2k.h, openjpeg.c, openjpeg.h, opj_includes.g, t2.c
871    ! [FOD] Modification of codec to integrate JPWL module (in codec directory): image_to_j2k.c, j2k_to_image.c
872* [FOD] Corrected incorrect fprintf() formatting in codec/convert.c
873* [FOD] Code optimization usinq vsprintf() command in libopenjpeg/event.c
874* [Giuseppe Baruffa] Fixed a bug in TPH EPBs parameters: now, "last in current header" information is correctly signaled
876October 31, 2006
877* [Antonin] fixed a bug in the computation of the mantissa (mu)
878+ [Antonin] added the ability to specify the rate as "float" (before : integer)
880August 18, 2006
881* [Antonin] fixed a bug in j2k_to_image.c, that prevented the -l option to work correctly.
883August 4, 2006
884* [Antonin] fixed a bug in pi.c, line 473, that appeared when more than 100 precincts were generated in a resolution level.
886July 28, 2006
887+ [Antonin Descampe] added a readme in /mj2 to warn people that it only works with opj0.97
889July 21, 2006
890* [Mathieu Malaterre] Install exe and lib and include correctly
891* [Mathieu Malaterre] Fixed mem leaks and greyscale bmp
892* [Mathieu Malaterre] Fix pgx name length + random memory access
893! [Mathieu Malaterre] API is now const
895March 19, 2006
896* [Antonin] fixed a bug in t1.c that prevented in some cases a true lossless compression (thanks to Don Mimlitch for reporting this bug)
898February 12, 2006
899- [Herve Drolon] removed unneeded working variables in opj_tcd_t
901February 04, 2006
902* [galt] fixed a bug in codec/convert.c::imagetobmp
904February 01, 2006
905! [Herve Drolon] changed function definitions of INT and FIX modules to 'inline'
906+ [Herve Drolon] added a VERSION resource to the DLL version of OpenJPEG
908January 31, 2006
909* [Mathieu Malaterre] Fix compilation using default openjpeg.dsw
910* [Herve Drolon] fixed various minor warnings occuring under icc9 and bcc32
911- [Mathieu Malaterre] Remove all references to OPJ_EXPORT, no declspec in header file anymore
912+ [Mathieu Malaterre] Add a file which is a template for Module Definition
913+ [Herve Drolon] added MSVC project and compiler directives to build a 'standard' WIN32 DLL
914! [Mathieu Malaterre] Update CMake to match the new shared lib system (no more def file)
916January 27, 2006
917* [Antonin Descampe] fixed a two initialization problems in t1.c and tcd.c
919January 26, 2006
920* [Herve Drolon] fixed various minor warnings occuring under gcc
921* [__david__] fixed a segfault in codec/image_to_j2k.c & codec/j2k_to_image.c
922* [__david__] fixed help option in codec/j2k_to_image & codec/image_to_j2k
924January 25, 2006
925! [Mathieu Malaterre] Sync with ITK repository, also add ref to doxygen
926! [Mathieu Malaterre] Add a lot of comments on the CMake build system
927! [Mathieu Malaterre] Fix MINGW32 and BORLAND compilation problems.
929January 25, 2006
930* [Antonin Descampe] fixed a problem in convert.c when multiple comments
931+ [Antonin Descampe] added cmake files to the project
932! [Antonin Descampe] fix.c : replaced "WIN32" by "_MSC_VER" for int64
933+ [Antonin Descampe] added "OPJ_EXPORT" in openjpeg.h to generate shared lib with win32
934! [Antonin Descampe] removed all CtrlM from files
936January 24, 2006
937! [Antonin Descampe] event.c : replaced "WIN32" by "_MSC_VER" for i2a
939January 20, 2006
940* [Antonin Descampe] fixed various minor warnings with gdcm patches
942January 19, 2006
943* [Herve Drolon] fixed a bug in jp2_read_ihdr (need to allocate jp2->comps)
945January 18, 2006
946* [Herve Drolon] changed the name of j2k_realloc to opj_realloc
947* [Herve Drolon] fixed a bug in opj_cio_open when saving 48-bit images (wrong buffer size calculation)
949December 8, 2005
950* [Antonin Descampe] fixed a bug when specifying a rate '-r' => no distortion info was available in the index
951* [Antonin Descampe] fixed a bug in t1_getwmsedec (stepsize was divided by 8192)
953December 5, 2005 - 1.1.0
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